Certificate Program in Portfolio Management

Program Structure

Certificate Program in Portfolio Management

Blended Learning | 3 months | INR 53,100/-

Why Join Certificate Program in Portfolio Management

Managing and optimum utilisation of Financial Assets/Resources

Different styles and types of Portfolio management

Risk Management and Returns across assets class in Portfolio

Trading Strategies, Investment objectives and constraints

Skills To Be Mastered

You will be able to talk confidently on investments, eventaully manage portfolios, mastering risk concepts in portfolio management, gain expertise in calculating asset values, mastering investment policy and portfolio analysis, gain techniques to construct financial portfolios, measuring investment performance, ability to take strategic decisions on investment and balancing risk to meet investment goals

Program Structure

The Indian Mutual Fund & Wealth Management industry is growing manifold and will witness significant growth in the coming years. This programme gives an opportunity to learn and sharpen portfolio management strategies, which are adopted by many Fund managers. At the end of the programme, you will be able to confidently talk investments, be ready to be an analyst, and eventually manage stock portfolios. Portfolio Management programme provides a practical introduction to equity portfolio management.

Program Duration

3 Months

Mode Of Delivery

Blended Learning

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AICTE Certification
SAS Certification
Vidyalankar and Skillville


100% Placement assistance
Create profile, showcasing relevant skillsets
Aptitude, GD and Interview Training


Concept of Investment, Objectives and constraints, Classifications of the financial markets and Investment, Different avenues of Investment.

Concept of Investment, Objectives and constraints, Classifications of the financial markets and Investment, Different avenues of Investment

The concept of risk and return, Reduction of risk through diversification, quantifying risk and return, measurement of the risk in the portfolio context, Security Market Line (SML), Characteristic Market Line (CML) and their applications

SEBI – Its Structure, Role and Regulation, clearing and settlement procedure

Market and their features, Development of the securities market in India, Primary market, Secondary market, Trading and Settlement, Pricing patterns, Security Market Indices, Types and their construction

SEBI – Its Structure, Role and Regulation, clearing and settlement procedure

Concept of technical analysis, The Dow theory, Types of charts, Pricing Patterns, Trend lines, Relative strength analysis, Breadth, depth and volumes in the market, Confidence index, Support and resistance levels, Academic perspective of technical analysis

Concept of efficiency of the stock markets, Forms of EMH, Empirical tests of EMH in the Indian markets

Concept and Objectives of Mutual Funds, Types of Mutual Funds, Advantages of Mutual Funds, Mutual Fund services, Structure of mutual funds in India

YTM, Modified Duration, Term Structure of Interest Rates, Term to Maturity, Sensitivity, Riskiness of bonds, Forecasting the interest rate

Introduction, Forwards, Futures, Options, Trading Mechanism, Basis and spread, Hedging, Clearing and Settlement of Futures in India, Option terminology, Payoff from options Option markets in India.

Admission Details


Ideally, some knowledge of basic fi¬nance and accounting concepts is desirable, but not mandatory. All you will require are basic mathematical and reasoning skills at a high school level along with a healthy mix of curiosity and enthusiasm

Fees Details: INR 53,100/-

Please consult your Admission Counselor for flexi-EMI options

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Our placement assistance program offers students one-on-one career counselling, and the chance to work with our corporate partners.

In case you drop out of the course due to a genuine reason, you will have 6 months’ time to return to it. If you fail to return to your course within this period, you will have to start afresh.

You can pay for the course of your interest on the website by clicking on the Fees tab via e-wallets, net banking, credit cards, debit cards as well as NEFT/Bank Transfer.

Refund must be claimed before the commencement of your batch. The Application form fees are non-refundable. Skillville will deduct 20% of the program fees paid till date of application for refund towards administrative charges and 80% will be refundable within 1 month from the approval of refund by a Skillville Authorized representative.

You will have an opportunity to catch up with a simultaneous batch in session or you can reach the respective Faculty to cover the missed class.

Please contact your Admission Counselor or drop an email regarding your querry to admissions@skillville.in.

Yes, you will get a certificate after completing your program after you meet the attendance and evaluation criteria set for your respective program.

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