Are you a Victim of Virus?

Viruses are the malicious codes or software’s which are designed with wrong intention of damaging a single or series of multiple systems. Let’s have a look on different viruses which are already spread on the internet and causing damage to the network and system security.


Ransomware the new kid of Crypto locker is just like the bad guy grabbing and even threatening for the money in the heist movies. It is the malware that takes your file hostage. In September 2013 Cryptographer is been spread through an E-Mail attachments and hackers used to ask for some money to send decryption key of the same.It’s been also observed that when 500,000 computers were infected with cryptolocker out of that two were from NASA. Total estimated money who agreed to pay for Decryption Key is $3 Million. It’s not stopped here but Ransomware infected NASA Ames Research Centre in California on Oct 23,2013 resulting the loss of access to NASA data. It also hit another visitor centre of the Kenedy Space Research centre in Florida two days later. Cost of Damage: 500,000 victims, $30 million in 100 days. 



ILOVEYOU is one of the most destructive viruses of all time. With today technology standards it’s been pretty tame but in 2000 it was the most damaging malware. A mail with a subject ILOVE YOU when arrives at your mail box with an attachment of text file with heading ‘LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs’.it overwrote system files and personal file and spread it again and again. ILOVEYOU has been recorded as most virulent virus by Guinness Book of Records.

Morris worm:

It has been developed by a student Morris just to understand how fast a worm can be spread. Morris worm is also recognised as internet worm. It has been observed that around 6000 UNIX machines were infected by the Morris worm. The cost of damage is estimated as $10 Million by U.S. Accountability Office.

My Doom:

It is a fastest spreading computer virus sighted in the year 2004 on Jan 26.It is a computer worm which normally affects the PC’s with Microsoft Windows. The fastest spreading mail with message “andy: I’m just doing up my job, nothing personal, sorry” is infected more than 2 Million computers.

Melisa Virus:

Melisa virus is a type of mass mailing virus which is developed in 1999 on March 26.This virus overloads victim’s network. This virus doesn’t damages the system but slows down the speed of network. The man behind this virus is David L Smith who immediately caught after week and sent to prison with a fine of $ 5000.

Code Red:

Code Red is a worm developed in 2001.This worm attacked Microsoft IIS Web Server and crashed entire server. More than 20 Lakhs servers were affected by this virus.

Coding is a skill. This skill can be effectively used for constructive task as well as destructive tasks. Criminals are becoming smarter and smarter day by day and creating theses malicious codes for destruction or using the same to earn money. To deal with this criminal mind-set it’s important to know what exactly is going on in their mind so that encrypted codes can be decrypted effectively and becoming victim of such viruses can be avoided completely.

So dear friends if you want to save the society from theses active criminals like viruses and passive cyber criminals like programmers don’t forget to visit Stay tuned and upskill yourself in the domain of cyber security with Skillville.



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