There are 5 different research domains in artificial Intelligence which are Expert system, Machine Learning, Deep Leaning, Natural language Processing and Visualisation. Every domain is so important and vast in the AI development and designs.

As its name elaborates, the Expert Systems are the computer applications or software’s developed to solve complex problems in a particular domain, at the level of extra-ordinary human intelligence and expertise. Expert system design comprises AI problem solving methods. Expert Systems are used in Medical Sciences are acting as a smart knowledge based helping hands for doctors and surgeons. Pneumoconiosis X-Ray Diagnosis Expert System (PXDES) is an expert system which is used to diagnose Lung diseases. It takes our lunge picture from the upper side of the body which looks like the shadow. The shadow is used to determine the type and degree of lung cancer. These system includes three modes knowledge Base, Explanation Interface, and Knowledge acquisition. Knowledge base represents the data of X-ray representation of various stages of disease. Explanation interface determines the conclusion whereas knowledge acquisition allows medical experts to add or change information in the system. Computer based clinical decision support system abbreviated as CaDet is also used for early cancer detection. Clinical data related to early cancer detection to cancer risk factors are collected together in the data base and with heuristic rules this data is evaluated for early cancer detection. DXplain is a decision support system which acts on a set of clinical findings like signs, symptoms, and laboratory data to produce a ranked list of diagnoses which might explain or be associated with the clinical manifestations. It also provides justification for considering the diseases for diagnosis. It even suggests what further clinical information would be useful to collect for each disease, and lists what clinical manifestations, if any, would be unusual or atypical for each of the specific diseases. But ofcourse it doesn’t mean that DXplain can replace human physicians diagnosis. MYCIN is an expert system used to recommend appropriate therapies for patients with bacterial infection. GERMWATCHER is used for infection control.

Expert systems are the blessings which can totally remove the spoiling of medical reports and diagnosis due to human errors may be caused by lack of knowledge or practice of unethical practices in the field of medical sciences.

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