AI and Big Data for Education

Factory model education system:

From last many decades India is producing millions of students with an irrelevant skillset required for the industrial and financial growth of the country. This gap of skillset as per the emerging trends in technology is exponentially increasing and   it is not only affecting the student but also affecting the nation’s worldwide image. Root cause of the same is, “Factory model of education”. To address this root cause the education system has to be evolved with the same speed as that of technological growth with the help of inclusion of technology in the education. This inclusion of technology in the education will not only provide the flexibility to education but also will provide an access to an individual to open up all the secrets of ocean of knowledge.

Technologies for Education:

The most emerging trends in the technology which are Big Data and Artificial Intelligence can be effectively used to enhance the quality of current education system. Big data can dramatically improve the education system with better decision making, students improved results, optimum career prediction, mapping techniques to address student problems and last but not the least with improved learning experience. Similarly there are several ways with which an inclusion of artificial intelligence can dramatically enhance the learning environment and improve the learning experience. Let’s be more precise and discuss how AI will bring the change in the education. Activities like grading can be easily automated with the help of artificial intelligence, educational software’s will provide better level of understanding with individualized learning, AI can point out the places where courses are need to be improved, additional supports from AI tutors can be provided to the students, AI driven programs can give helpful feedback for continuous assessment which in turn ensures continuous improvement of the system.

Some real life happenings:

Jill is a AI assistance specifically designed to answer the questions of students of online knowledge base artificial intelligence class (KBAI). It is the assistance which is been made on IBM Watson platform and able to handle the high number of posts by the students enrolled in the online course. There are many universities which are using Big Data to reduce student’s dropout rates.

Purdue University has developed a system called ‘Course Signals’, which helps to predict academic and behavioural issues within students. The system notifies both students and the teachers when action is required, helping them to reach their potential as well as decreasing dropout rates.

As rightly said society is the mirror of the education. Now the society is evolving with emerging trends in the technologies. These trends has to get reflected in the education system as both compliments each other in terms of growth and values. If we are not inculcating our roots of education with this technological trends we will fail to achieve the speed with which other nations are growing and will be away from the ocean of knowledge and opportunities.

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